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i+R Gruppe GmbH
Johann-Schertler-Strasse 1
A-6923 Lauterach, Austria
+43 5574 6888


Commercial register no. FN59062g
Commercial register court: Feldkirch state court
Supervisory authority: Bregenz District administration


Chamber membership: Member of the Vorarlberg chamber of commerce (crafts and trades, master builders, property trustees, commercial trades)
Trade regulations: The trade regulation act 1994 (GewO), can be viewed here 


VAT ID ATU 35744600


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Corporate purpose: Planning, management and execution of civil engineering and other related structures, project development, property management and construction machinery trade


Management board: Master builder DI Joachim Alge and DI Reinhard Schertler


Editorial policy: This website presents information on the services and products of i+R Group.

Concept, web design & implementation


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